Beautifully Broken (Beautifully #1)

by Bethany Bazile

Chapter 1


Somebody stop the pounding please!

I squint my eyes in an attempt to open them, the sunlight gleaming in from the window is blinds me, the pounding increases. I try to lift my head but it feels so heavy.

With that small movement of my head I realize the pounding is actually in my head. The throbbing that feels like a jackhammer is actually in my skull.  I manage to open my eyes and realize I’m not in my room and someone’s arm is wrapped around my midsection. I glance down at the big muscular arm and thick fingers splayed over my navel.

Yup, I’m definitely naked.

I slowly look over my shoulder and freeze. My God he’s gorgeous. His dark wavy hair is tussled, body all corded muscles. On his left arm he has a tattoo that starts at his shoulder then wraps around his bicep. The crisp white sheet drapes around his lower abdomen and I’m tempted to run my finger down his solid abs, follow that thin line of hair that leads down under the sheets.

No I can’t do that. I sigh as my head drops back to the pillow. I need an escape plan-quickly. I promised myself I would stop getting into these situations, and for the last year I’ve felt like a new person. Dr.Katz has been helping me sway my reckless urges, now I go and pull this.

I slowly lift his hand so I can slip out from under it but his arm tightens around me and pulls me back against his hard body.

“Where you going Ella?” he asks in a deep, sleep roughened voice.

Shit, even his voice is sexy.

The way he says my name jolts my memory of last night…

He’d been watching me, leaning casually against the bar for the last hour. His stunning good looks immediately caught my attention. Every time I made my way over to the bar I would purposely squeeze in between him and the women he was sitting next to. She was attempting to keep his attention but his blatant disregard of her efforts encouraged me to continue brushing my breast against his arm every time I went to get a drink. The energy between us sizzled every time I made contact, I’ve never felt anything like this before and I want more. The dirty looks the woman shoots at me are returned by me with a sneer. With all the effort she had exerted flirting, she had failed. Mostly because I already had him in the palm of my hand, without even uttering a single word.

Soon as he came up behind me on the dance floor, I sensed him. His amazing smell hitting me even before he touched me. I felt more intoxicated by that scent then the six cocktails I had already consumed. He pressed against me as my hips swayed to the music. I could feel his arousal, long and thick against my back. His hands ran up my sides resting under my breast, his thumbs brushing the edge of them causing a shiver to run through my body.

“What’s your name?” he whispered in my ear, his voice a deep rumble that vibrate through my body.

“Isabella” I bite my tongue to keep from moaning.

“Let’s go. I need you. Now.” He orders as he grabbed my hand and led me across the dance floor.

As if in a trance I obey him, following him through the club and into a hallway that led to an elevator. He pressed the button and the elevator automatically slid opened. He puts a key in the slot, leans against the back wall and pulls me into his arms. I’m so completely mesmerized by his sexy smile; I lean in and bring my lips to his.

I moan against his mouth, startled by the instant rush that flows through me from that simple touch of our lips. He takes the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth and I melt against him, slanting my head, desperate for more. The kiss grew more demanding, his unique flavor penetrated my senses as he devoured my mouth with an intensity I had never experienced. His hands dug into my ass and pulled me against his erection just as the doors open.

He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his hips. I don’t even notice that we’ve moved until he drops me on a bed, covering me with his large body. His tongue trails down my neck, licking and sucking. This man tongue is sinful. His hand runs up my thigh just as he starts to suck my nipple through my dress. He grabs the hem of my dress and pulls it up and over my head. His light green eyes turning a darker shade of emerald as he gazes down at me, nothing but a tiny thong left covering my body. He reached down and rolled my nipples between his fingers. My back arches, the ache between my legs became unbearable. He skims a finger along the edge of my panties and I felt like screaming out TOUCH ME! PLEASE!

“I like it when you beg” he says.

Did I say that out loud? I can’t believe I just begged him.

His finger went under the edge of my panties, and then he was parting my slick folds.

“So wet Ella” he whispers as he slips a finger into my pussy.

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